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Congregation Sha'arey Israel

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Reading this Picture as a Hanukkah Text

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Let’s soak in this heartwarming Hanukkah moment from this Sunday morning, the eve of Hanukkah —our kids and their parents are in the holiday zone, crafting clay dreidels. There’s a patrolman at our table, hands in the clay, sharing in the moment —there’s an intimate sort of Norman Rockwell vibe, something rare and beautiful has been captured.

But our perspective in this photograph must be informed by context —he walked with our group from shul to the studio; he’s part of our new normal. New normal—troubling phrase, that mocks us —what kind of a normal is this? A dark one, to be honest. The photograph documents our vulnerability. ‘In those days and in our time’ —this scene is also a Hanukkah Commentary. We —along with our allies and our protectors —rekindle the lights. We are all charged to keep the flame burning.