Today is June 14, 2024 -

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Each Little Cluck Adds Up

OK, here’s a Jewish joke you might already have heard — and maybe the punchline won’t send you into hysterical orbit — but it really does capture the current moment…
*The Joke*
What’s the proper bracha for internet shopping?
*Hint* Grace After Meals
ברכת אמזון Birkat Amazon
(Rimshot optional)

So what does the joke capture? The ubiquitous — and highly successful game-changer that Amazon has become. I notice the punchline on so many porches during my walks, boxes adorned with their trademark smile.

Why is this joke relevant to the monthly sharing of shul news? Because of amazon smile — if that phrase is unfamiliar type it into Google. Not so long story short: once you’ve set up Amazon Smile (easy), our shul benefits from each and every click.
(Question for Rabbi)
What’s the spiritual angle on this?
Glad you asked, when we consider cumulative effects of each person — by word and deed — making daily decisions to mend a broken piece in our world — that ongoing collective effort of Tikkun Olam is the long and winding road to a better world. Even though each of us feels so small, the power of community encouraged us: every bit of kindness, every mitzvah, every warm word, every smile — it matters, it adds up. And so it goes with our shul. We belong, we care, we want our shul to be there for us and for other Jews and for sacred moments of community — and with a few clicks — we tangibly boost the financial strength of our kehillah.
ברכת אמזון — Birkat Amazon. To borrow a bit of torah from Nike, “just do it.”