Today is June 14, 2024 -

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Growing into Change Together

Some recent glances at headlines bluntly remind me that, as a species, human beings have a painfully long road ahead …

Immediately following a headline talking about an imminent Disney World opening was a headline describing a catastrophe of biblical proportions crushing India. And right on the heels of the guilty verdict for George Floyd’s murderer — no less than half a dozen police killings of African Americans.

When I ponder this at length and consider the fanciful midrashic literature describing the angels who seem to resent God giving Torah to human beings, Irealize that it’s
not at all about angels being jealous about people — it’s about arange of human behaviors that is far from noble or exalted. God gave usTorah
because we need it, and the angels don’t.

On a related note, as more of us are vaccinated (I sincerely hope and pray that as many as possible make the decision to take one of the vaccines when offered the opportunity), there’s a journey forward into a changed world. Each of us is already aware of new habits we want to embrace, old habits that we’re ready to drop — and a bunch of stuff we need to figure out.

In less than a month — coming back to shul, to a building at the corner of First and Plum that has witnessed over a century of Jewish life here in Central Georgia. One thing I have powerfully learned (and embraced) is that community includes people near and far. Zoom, for all its limitations, has brought many folks into shul and church and mosque — and we’re all realizing just how vital it is that we nurture all of our connections and relationships. I find this crossroad to be exciting, complicated, and humbling. We all have an opportunity to learn and relearn how we’ll celebrate together, both in person and through the wires!