Today is May 22, 2024 -

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The word I want to share and dig into with you is Today. On the surface, all the word conveys is the unfolding conversation or scene that is occurring in the present — So, I’ll tell you that as I write these words, it’s a cool (72 degrees!) Thursday morning, and I’m gratefully soaking in this respite from the baking heat — it’s temporary, isn’t everything? — but Today tells us much more than

Last night at zoom Torah study, we read a great snippet of Torah noting that Deuteronomy (the book in which we currently find ourselves) is showered with over seventy mentions of the word Today. That means that either God or Moses is speaking to the people and focusing their attention on something really important. Today is not only about those ancient moments in the Torah. Today is someone tapping us on the shoulder (hopefully, gently) and saying: Listen up! The world is telling you to pay attention to Now.

Yesterday’s ink is already dry and entered into the record. Try as you might, No changing Yesterday. Tomorrow is filled with conjecture. We all have learned that we can’t take anything about Tomorrow for granted. Memo from the Universe: Subject to Change. So, it’s about Today. If we care about making the world a better place, Today is your word. No time to waste; the meter urgently ticks. If it’s about our spiritual path — who are we, what are we doing, what do we want, where are going — Today is our Torah. Sure, we will confess our past failings and dream and hope about Tomorrow, but Today urgently beckons. If it’s about reaching out to a friend who’s ailing or suffering, or lonely, if it’s about mending a relationship — Today is your key word. What are you possibly going to do with Yesterday, which has already disappeared from the rear-view mirror? Tomorrow? Don’t bank on it. The water’s rising, the needs are urgent, life passes quickly. Ram Dass (if his name isn’t familiar, look him up. Jewish guy, Hindu awakening several decades ago) nailed it: Be Here Now.

Today, my friends, today.