Today is April 12, 2024 -

Congregation Sha'arey Israel

A Conservative Jewish Congregation serving the spiritual needs of the Middle Georgia Jewish community since 1904

611 First Street, Macon, GA 31201
Phone: (478) 745-4571

Looking forward to 5777

Well the High Holidays or “Hi Ho’s” as they are affectionally called are upon us once again!

There is a flurry of activity at the shul…changing out Torah covers to their Holiday adornments, final edits to the upcoming Directory, updating the Yizkor book, procuring Torah and Haftorah readers, lining up gabbaim, aliyot honors, and security personnel, sending notices about such topics as High Holiday Childcare, Challah Fundraiser, Kol Nidre Dinner details, Sukkot activities and so much more! There is definitely an energy…stress?…no (lol)… lets just call it energy! The season already began with the penitential Holy Day of Selichot.  Soon Jewish sanctuaries everywhere will be filled as Rosh Hashanah services usher in a New Year.  The “Days of Awe” lead up to the High Holy Day of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Has a year passed already? Apparently so.  And how do we measure up? As we sat in services last year, we prayed fervently for many things and inclusion in the Book of Life. Did we achieve our resolutions to be better versions of ourselves or fall short of the mark?  The custom of blowing the shofar has been said to be a wake-up call, designed to rouse us from our complacency. That piercing, unique, soulful and beautiful sound is among other things… a call to repentance.  Every day we awaken to life, and no what what the challenges, there is the opportunity to make good choices. 

We are blessed to have our synagogue and the freedom to worship, while many in the world do not.  Dues, monthly donations and financial gifts such as to our upcoming Annual Fundraising Campaign provide the necessary capital to allow us to practice our faith with others here in the heart of Middle Georgia.  Each week we are thankful to have the chance to experience Jewish learning with every Torah parsha.  But involvement in synagogue life provides an additional benefit that goes beyond the service itself.  It’s that connection and support from our kehilla members in times of both joy and sadness, that makes me grateful to be a part of this Jewish Community.  

Wishing all of you the best as we celebrate 5777.

L’Shana Tovah!