Today is May 22, 2024 -

Congregation Sha'arey Israel

A Conservative Jewish Congregation serving the spiritual needs of the Middle Georgia Jewish community since 1904

611 First Street, Macon, GA 31201
Phone: (478) 745-4571

Friendship Day

Friendship Day falls on the first Sunday in August in the United States which this year is August 2nd. The old joke is you can choose your friends but not your family! But the truth is, both can be a blessing and both are important. Our character is defined in part by these interactions and how we treat each other. In fact ALL of the relationships we choose to cultivate in our lives have meaning. You have also chosen another relationship…to be a member of Congregation Sha’arey Israel. What was once merely a dream of a small group of visionaries ultimately became the beautiful sanctuary and numerous additions that we have today. Dedicated spirit and financial commitment built the structure, but at the heart of it all is the people that worship inside. We celebrate our uniqueness as individuals but it is the commonality of our Jewish identity that unites us. Attending services, special holiday events, educational programs and so much more all provide opportunities not just for spiritual learning but for fellowship and friendship. Together we celebrate the joys in our lives such as weddings and births and come together to give support during challenging times such as illness and loss.
At CSI, congregants have the choice of 3 weekly opportunities to attend services… namely Thursday morning, Friday evening or Saturday morning. Your synagogue “family” is always glad to see you walk through the doors. As we enter August, the last official month of summer, we can’t help but to anticipate the transition to a new season. The energy of the next Religious School year, the preparation for High Holidays, and a new edition of the Calender-Directory (to name just a few things) all give us that sense of familiarity and comfort. Thanks to the numerous individuals who generously lend their talents and time to make these things happen.
Finally, see the happy expression on the cat’s face in the animal friendship image below? I love it! May the loving embrace of our friends, family and shul “family” give us all the same feeling of peace and contentment. Shalom!